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Will Snow and Charming be supportive parents when it comes to Hook and Emma’s relationship?

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killansprincess asked: Mama Snow or Daddy Charming

And Straight On ‘til Morning vs. There’s No Place Like Home

This is everything I ever hoped for you…


"So let your heart, sweet heart,

Be your compass when you’re lost,

And you should follow it wherever it may go”

Compasspart [1/2]

Anonymous asked: "Captain Charming talking about Emma over drinks"


Killian sighed into his glass of rum. As soon as Emma was brought up into their conversation, he knew it was only a matter of time before he got that talk from the prince.

"I don’t care how good you are to her, Killian," David warned, a finger pointed in the pirate’s direction. "The instant you do anything to hurt her, my sword will be in your gut before you realise it."

He rolled his eyes, glass placed back on the table. “What makes you think you’d be able to even scratch me, mate?” Killian smirks. Taunting the other was always something he enjoyed since their time in Neverland.

"Because nothing is more vengeful than a father whose little girl that has had her heart broken," David explained, his tone casual despite the words that fell from his lips. "And if you’re serious about Emma, it just might be something you’ll understand in the future."

There was a gleam in the prince’s eyes that made him pause. A warning and a blessing all in one. Killian couldn’t stop the smile that appeared, tipping his drink in his mate’s direction before finishing off the rum inside.

(It doesn’t happen for another 25 years, but Killian understands perfectly the vengeance David was talking about, when his own daughter had her heart broken for the first time.)

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