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"Truth be told, Carenzo is tempting BUT it’s always gonna be Klaroline!"

"Everything that makes her special, that makes her powerful, that makes her a threat, will be gone…."

But with Emma put under a sleeping curse, Killian is left with difficult decision to make.

captain swan + granny’s diner


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Hook looking at Emma with the telescope was … creepy?

Well, I supposed if looked at in a complete vacuum it could be…but it’s not in a vacuum.

Stalking is unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group toward another person. 

  • Emma invited him to dinner.

  • She wanted him there and he wasn’t because of the whole curse thing.

  • He wasn’t there because he’s trying to create distance between them to protect her.

He wasn’t looking on because he wasn’t invited.

He was looking on because he wanted to be there, was invited to be there, should be there, but isn’t because of external force.

That’s what make it sad, not creepy.

I swear to god the people in this fandom take the worst possible views of things. Then run with it like their biased haterade fueled interpretations and are undeniable facts. Frankly it’s disgusting. 

Julie Plec on Larry King


So two Klaroline questions; one about the petition and one about Klaroline being together. Julie keeps saying “in the future, who knows, they have eternity bla bla”. See, she gives Klaroline “the future”, maybe we won’t get to see it on TO but it implies that Klaus and Caroline can very well find each other in the future which basically means that whoever they pair Klaus up with on TO means nothing and might not last. With Plec’s logic, Klaroline have the future (she calls it, eternity) so to hell with Klaus ending up with someone on TO, right? How the hell am I suppose to even take any relationship seriously on TO when maybe in the future, Klaus might finally get his “future” with Caroline albeit offscreen which renders any other endgame (cami, hayley, genevieve, trolls) onscreen mute. So all Plec is doing with her “the future” is keeping Klaroline fans united and hopeful yet what it doesn’t make us do, is watch TO. So, you lose, Plec.

the void left by a broken heart


"The next time your lips touch Emma Swan’s, all of her magic will be taken. Everything that makes her special, that makes her powerful, that makes her a threat will be gone. Kiss Emma and remove her powers or everyone she loves, dies”

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